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Adopt A Road

Help Keep Thompson Looking Its Best…One Road at a Time

Anyone can adopt a road…businesses, individuals, and groups! 

What does it mean to “adopt a road”?

You are making a commitment to pick up litter on a particular road or section of road in the Town of Thompson. Signs will be created and placed on your adopted road. This is a great (free) opportunity to gain exposure for your business or organization.

Can I select the road to adopt?

Start by contacting the Town to learn if the road you are interested in is available for adoption. Requests will be honored whenever possible!

Do I have to adopt an entire road?

Roads are adopted in 2-mile increments. Some roads are shorter than this.

Is the road adopted for a certain period of time?

The minimum commitment for adopting a road is 2 years. During that 2-year period, you’re encouraged to clean up your adopted road or road section at least 4x per year. The minimum requirement is 2 cleanups in 2 years.

How do I keep the road clean?

Your job is to simply pick up litter! Trash bags are available in the Town Clerk’s office. Trash may be disposed of in the dumpster located at the Town Hall or directly at the Sullivan County Landfill. If you pick up a large amount of bagged debris or heavy pieces, just leave the bags in place and call the Town Parks and Recreation office to arrange a pick up.

I’m interested in adopting a road, what are the next steps?

Contact either Jamie or Glenn in the Town Parks & Recreation Department today!