The Town of Thompson has announced the fall cleanup dates for 2020. From September 23rd to October 7th, Town of Thompson residents located outside the Village of Monticello can dispose of up to 500 pounds of household materials at no charge. To take advantage of this service, residents must acquire vouchers from the Town of Thompson Clerk’s Office. Vouchers will be available beginning September 16th. Below are details related to the Fall Cleanup:

The Basics
• Load can be a maximum of 500 lbs. of non-recyclable materials per household
• Any vouchers exceeding 500 lbs., will be charged at the applicable rate
• All items must be 4 feet or smaller sections/lengths
• All loads must be tarped or contained in a covered vehicle. Violators subject to a $10 fine payable to Sullivan County Landfill.

Items Accepted During Fall Cleanup
Bulky Items Such As:
• Wooden furniture
• Plate glass
• Plastic toys
• Plastic appliances
• Scrap wood & building debris
• Ceramic toilets and sinks
• Mattresses

Items ALWAYS Free at Transfer Station
Unlike the items above, these items can be accepted for FREE when brought directly to the transfer station. Separate these items out so they do not count towards your 500 lb. limit.
• Textiles
• Scrap metal
• Electronics that are NOT CRTs (old style CRT TVs are $15)
• Recyclables, bottles, cans, glass containers
• Separated paper (office paper, newspaper, cardboard)
• Small batteries (see attendant for collection container)
Items Accepted with an Additional Charged
• Tires ($3 for small $30 for large)
• Freon units/appliances (AC, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, etc.) ($15 each)
• Household garbage (1 coupon per bag, coupon book purchase required)
• Fluorescent bulbs ($1 each)