Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

179 Town Park Rd., Monticello, NY

Park Office: 845-796-3606

The Town of Thompson Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee was formed in May of 2018. The 13-member committee includes members of the public representing different geographic areas of the town, parks and recreation staff, and elected officials from both the Town of Thompson and the Village of Monticello. The purpose of the advisory committee is to work with elected officials and the public to provide input on current and future parks and recreational needs and to develop a Parks and Recreation Plan for the Town of Thompson.

More information is available through the Parks & Recreation Department at 845-794-5280.

Parks & Recreation Contacts

Glenn Somers

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Members:

  • Rebecca Durland Belcher
  • Timothy Crumley
  • Claudia Dietz
  • Jody Mitchell
  • Sean Rieber
  • Betsy Conaty
  • Darrin Raynor
  • George Nikolados
  • Martha Daza
  • Scott Mace
  • Patrice Chester
  • Glenn Sommers

Additional Information

Final Park Development Plan Nov 2019
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